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My year 2018 in books

2019-01-15 8 min read anoff
For the last ~15 months I spent a lot of wasted time (commuting to work, waiting at the doctors, sitting on planes) with audio books. I have never been a big reader and the entry barrier to start listening to a book instead of music is a lot lower than packing books, reading instead of listening etc. That’s why I became a really big fan of listening to various audiobooks. Continue reading

RBAC with Google Firestore

2018-08-12 7 min read anoff

This post will explain how to implement role based access control (RBAC) using the Google Firestore serverless database. Firebase and Firestore in particular with the concept presented in this post offers the most seamless integration of serverless infrastructure with a mobile client at this point. It has become my go to backend for all minor web apps I build.

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Markdown native diagrams with PlantUML

2018-07-31 9 min read anoff
This post covers PlantUML basics and how it can be used in GitLab or GitHub projects as well as a seamless local development environment using Visual Studio Code. I have been wanting to write this post for months. Lately I have been using PlantUML extensively at work but also in my private projects. You can see it being used in my plantbuddy and techradar projects on GitHub. Using it in different places and for various purposes I came across a bunch of issues that I want to share in this post. Continue reading

Building realtime apps with Vue and nodeJS

2018-04-18 7 min read anoff
Wanting to build a simple SPA as a side project I struggled with things that might annoy a lot of newcomers that do not want to go full vanilla. Which web framework, which style library, which server framework - and more importantly how does it all work together? In this post we will put together a bunch of great tools out there to build a realtime web app with a few single lines of code. Continue reading

GitLab CI/CD for GitHub

2018-03-30 4 min read anoff

When creating a git project that you want to share with others you traditionally had the choice between GitHub with its huge community and tons of integrations, GitLab with a great overall dev experience from issues to one of the best CI/CD solutions out there and BitBucket being one of the friends you have since kindergarten. My personal decision was to host all my personal projects on πŸ¦‘ GitHub. For projects that need CI/CD I tinkered around with πŸ‘·β€ Travis CI and πŸ…ΎοΈ Circle CI on top of GitHub.

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Automated dev workflow for using Data Science VM on Azure

2018-03-22 11 min read anoff
tl;dr; I put together a bunch of scripts on Github that let you deploy a VM from your command line as well as sync code from your local directory to the VM easily to be able to use local IDE and git but execute on the powerful remote machine. Perfect for Data Science applications based around jupyter notebook. In my previous blog post I explained how to do Terraform deployment of an Azure Data Science Virtual Machine. Continue reading

Deploy Datascience infrastructure on Azure using Terraform

2018-01-23 6 min read anoff
In this article I will talk about my experience building my first infrastructure deployment using Terraform that does (a little) more than combining off-the-shelf resources. The stack we will deploy πŸ“¦ Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of Microsoft Azure services in the big data area. I am looking for something to replace a Hadoop based 🐘 data analytics environment consisting mainly of HDFS, Spark & Jupyter. The most obvious solution is to use a HDInsight cluster which is basically a managed Hadoop that you can pick in different flavours. Continue reading
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