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Collect IoT data from Arduino in InfluxDB

2021-01-29 5 min read anoff

Did you add some fancy sensors to your Arduino board? If you have internet connectivity via ESP8266 or similar chips you can easily collect and visualize your sensor readings using InfluxDB. This blog post will cover how to send data from Arduino to InfluxDB Cloud (v2) but also to your self-hosted InfluxDB instance (v1).

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Setting up Grafana on Raspberry Pi with Docker (compose)

2021-01-05 4 min read anoff

In previous blog posts I showed you how to setup a Raspberry Pi with docker-compose support and how to run InfluxDB on your Raspberry Pi. This tutorial will add Grafana to your Pi-stack and give you a complete monitoring setup. The InfluxDB+Grafana stack is heavily used in DevOps scenarios but also extremely useful if you want to visualize any kind of timeseries data at home; power consumption, smart home events, computer uptime, amount of devices in your network, weather in your basement … endless opportunities at your fingertips!

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